Salt Therapy

Sit back and just breath as the halogenerator disperses microscopic salt particles into the air. You inhale these particles into your airways & lungs, and they also land on your skin.

What is Salt Therapy?

Our salt room is a calm, relaxing room and houses a  dry salt generator or halogenerator which grinds up pharmaceutical grade sale and disperses it in aa fine  aerosol into the room. The level of salt in the air is laser controlled which enables us to tailor the concentration to the youngest lungs in the room ensuring the whole family can enjoy a session safely.

Salt naturally has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties and is also mucolytic (loosens mucus and phlegm) so it not only helps keen your lungs nice and clean , it also helps build your immune system and ease symptoms of allergies and hay fever symptoms.

You simply relax back in the recliners, breathe normally, and let the salt work its magic. Sessions in the salt room can help soothe a long list of skin, respiratory and lifestyle conditions.

Isn’t It Time You Booked Yours?

Benefits of Salt therapy

Regular sessions of dry salt therapy can help relieve symptoms of a variety of respiratory and skin conditions which include:

Cold & Flu

Snoring & poor sleep

Hay fever and allergies

Asthma & COPD

Smokers or post covid cough

Skin aging

Itching, dry & flaky skin

Psoriasis & eczema

Rashes & rosacea

Sinusitis & ear infections



Isn’t It Time You Booked Yours?

Tips for Salt Therapy

To ensure you have the best experience there are a few tips, suggestions & house rules:

Shoes should be left outside the room, you can keep socks on (but the salt on the floor feels amazing on bare feet)

If you have skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis or acne, you will need to have these areas open to allow the salt to land on the skin – wear comfortable clothing to allow you to be able to have your skin bare to the air

Blankets are available in the room, but feel free to bring you favourite one with you for extra warmth

Children love playing in the salt- feel free to bring some favourite toys into the room (we have a wooden bus and people in there already)

No food or drink is allowed in the salt room

Take the time to leave electronics outside the room and allow yourself to immerse yourself into the serenity of the room, use the time for conscious breathing and meditation for stress relieving benefits

It’s time to Relax, Rejuvenate & Recover


How long is a session

Sessions are 45mins, however with young children we recommend around 30mins and building up

Is salt safe for pregnant women and children

Yes – it is a natural therapy and safe to use during pregnancy and is ideal for those suffering from sinus issues or hay fever and do not want to take medications, It is safe for babies from 6months.

How many people in a session

The room is your own private room so you are not sharing with strangers, however, you can book the room as a family room and can comfortable fit 3 or 4 people in there

Are there any side effects

It is 100% natural, safe and drug free with no known side effects. Some people may experience a mild tickle in their throat, watery eyes or nose and an increase in cough – all generally good signs that the salt it working on the body and doing its job of reducing inflammation and loosening mucus

Who can’t use the salt room

It is not suitable for people who are suffering from:

  • Influenza with fever
  • Haemoptysis
  • Active Tuberculosis or lung abscess
  • Emphysema of the 3rd stage, cardiac insufficiency, kidney disease or lung cancer
  • Conditions while contagious

Does it increase my sodium levels

Salt therapy does not affect your sodium levels as the salt is inhaled and not ingested.

Price List

Single Session

$45/per person
  • It's 100% Natural
  • Immerse yourself into the serenity
  • Private room
  • Sessions are 45mins

Single Session Family Pass

$60/per family
  • It's 100% Natural
  • Immerse yourself into the serenity
  • Private Room for the whole family

4 week Unlimited Pass

$110/per person
  • It's 100% Natural
  • Immerse yourself into the serenity
  • Private Room with unlimited use over 4 weeks

4 week Unlimited Family Pass

$150/per family
  • It's 100% Natural
  • Immerse yourself into the serenity
  • Private Room for the whole family