Floatation Therapy

Do you suffer from back pain or discomfort, are recovering from injury, or simply looking to relax the body and mind? Immerse yourself in our float tanks and repair your body through physical and mental relaxation. 

What is Float Therapy?

Float therapy is a wonderful way to escape from the daily pressures of life and a natural way to heal the body.

It is a one of a kind experience where you gently lay back into the warm water of the dark tank. With 350Kg of Epsom salts dissolved into 30cm of water, you will effortlessly float allowing buoyancy of the water to fully support you, releasing every joint from gravity’s hold.

The tank is lightproof and soundproof, and the water heated to your external body temperature. This allows you to be free from your sense of sight, sound and touch as well as external daily distractions. This unique experience will enable your body and mind to flick a reset switch and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Each session is customised to you – so if the thought of silence and darkness is not for you, don’t fret as you can still enjoy the floating experience with relaxing music played throughout and the tank door open with the gentle glow of the rooms salt lamp illumination your session. – who knows, you may surprise yourself and end up with the tank door closed by the end of your session!

The Tedtalk “The Amazing thing that happens when you disconnect” by Dr Justin Feinstein, a leading researcher into Floatation therapy demonstrates just how much actually goes on during a float session and how powerful it is in achieving a resting state, reconnect with your body and how floating can help with conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and burn out.

Watch it here:

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Benefits of float therapy

Stress Relief

The sensory-deprived environment of a float tank helps reduce stress levels by lowering cortisol levels and inducing a state of deep relaxation.

Pain Relief

The buoyancy of the water helps relieve pressure on joints and muscles, reducing pain and promoting faster healing.

Improved Sleep

Float therapy can improve sleep quality by helping to regulate the sleep-wake cycle and reducing anxiety and stress levels.

Increased creativity and mental clarity

The state of deep relaxation achieved during float therapy can enhance creativity, improve focus, and provide mental clarity.

Improved Physical performance

Float therapy can help athletes and fitness enthusiasts to recover faster from injuries and improve overall physical performance

Isn’t It Time You Booked Yours?

Tips for Floating

Each float tank is in its own private room with shower facilities. All towels and toiletries are provided and it is recommended that you float nude (but you are welcome to wear bathers if you prefer) You will be guided through your first float by one of our friendly centre assistants who will ensure that all questions are answered before they leave you to relax.

It is recommended that you allow atleast 1.5hrs for your experience, this will allow you plenty of time for showering pre and post float, and gently working you way back out into the wide world again. If you are on a tight timeline-let us know so we can shorten your float if needed to ensure you are not undoing all that good work!

To ensure you have the best experience when floating , there are a few do’s and don’t’s that will help make the experience the most comfortable for you:


  • Have a light snack about 1 hr before floating
  • Make sure you are hydrated
  • Remove contact lenses


  • Shave or wax the day of your float – the magnesium can be a bit stingy on abrasions
  • Float with new hair dye or spray tan – allow at least 7 days before floating
  • Float with new tattoos or open wounds

Your float tank is in your own private room with shower, and we recommend floating nude so you can fully appreciate the experience of the tank, bathers can detract from the sense of being one with the water. However, if you are more comfortable wearing bathers, you are most welcome to.

Your float is customisable to you – each tank has its own internal light which you can leave or, or if you prefer, you can leave the tank door open and enjoy the calming glow of the salt lamp. You have music at the beginning of the float to relax you into it, peace and quiet for your float, and then music for the final 5 minutes to gently bring you back to the real world, however, you can choose to leave the music on for the entire time. The speakers are under the water line, so you can still hear the music with earplugs in.

All your towels and toiletries are provided so the only thing you need to bring is a hair brush!

What to expect when you arrive

On arrival to the centre, we will ask you to complete a client questionnaire and choose your preferred cup of herbal tea for after your float. We will then give you a guided tour of the centre as we take you through to your float

After you have completed your client questionnaire and chosen your tea of post float, we will show you the float rooms. We will provide you with a thorough orientation of what to do before your float, how to use the aides, and what will happens at the end of the float. Then we let you be…

Starting your Float

Firstly, have a lukewarm shower to wash off deoderants, moisturisers, hair products etc to ensure you are clean before entering the tank. Do not have a hot shower as this will increase your skin temperature and the tank water may feel cool (it is a warm 34.5 degrees!)

Carefully enter the tank, and lower your self down and close the lid. There is a cloth located on the shelf of  the tank and we recommend wiping the condensation off the lids to ensure it does not drip on your face during your float.

Relax back and turn the light off, enjoy the music and gently drift off into a state of calm. when your float is over, you will hear 3 repeating chimes which signals the end of your float, this is followed by your internal light coming on which signals it is time to get out.

When you have finished your Float

Carefully exit the tank and head for the shower – this one can be as warm as you like. Once you are moisturised, deoderised and dressed

Once you are dressed and refreshed, you head back out to reception and enjoy a cuppa in the lounge before heading back to the real world enjoying that post float glow. Make sure you remember to book in your next float before you leave!

Although the float itself is 60mins, allow yourself a good 1.5hrs to be able to relax and enjoy the full experience.

How much time do i need?

Although the float itself is 60mins, allow yourself a good 1.5hrs to be able to relax and enjoy the full experience.

It’s time to Relax, Rejuvenate & Recover


Can I float if I am pregnant

Yes – it is actually a wonderful experience in the later stages of pregnancy as you are weightless in the water. It can be a bonding experience between mother and child also, with some mums being able to hear their baby’s heartbeat in the quiet of the tank. We have pool noodles to help you float in a comfortable position.

What if I fall asleep – can I drown?

No – some people fall asleep during their float and the water is so buoyant you stay afloat, it is almost impossible to “accidently” roll over and if you do, you will receive a face full of water which stings the eyes and tastes bitter – you will wake up!

What if I am claustrophobic?

We suggest coming in and having a look at the tanks, as they are often larger than people anticipate, and this often puts peoples mind at rest. You can also leave the tank door open which is 1/3 of the tank and with the salt lamp in the room providing gentle light, you can still drift away in the peacefulness.

How do you clean the tanks?

The water is filtered after each float for a minimum of 20 minutes, this means the entire tank of water has passed through the 150 leaf filter at least 5 times. On top of this, we use Bromine as the sanitising agent (similar to chlorine in pools) and because of the high concentration of Epsom salts in the water, it is basically inhospitable to up to 99% of bacteria. The float tanks are much safer to use than a public pool or spa. For those wanting numbers – the water is filtered to less than 20microns, it is pH balanced and sanitised with a minimum of 2ppm of bromine.

When should I not float?

If you are severely sunburnt or have a fresh tattoo within the past 5 days

If you have recently had your hair dyed or a spray tan

If you are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs

If you are an epileptic where seizures could endanger your safety in the tank

If you have extremely low blood pressure

If you have impaired kidney disease

If you have bowel or bladder incontinence

If you have a severe skin condition (eczema) or a contagious disease or infectious

Can children float?

They can, but it does come down to the individual child – please chat with the staff about this if your child is interested in floating

Price List

Single Float / 3 Session Pass

$75 / $210
  • 3 session pass valid for 3 years
  • Can be purchased as a gift vocher
  • Shareable

Introduction to Float

$179/3 sessions
  • Valid for 3 months so you can experience how you feel with regular floating
  • One time purchase per person
  • Non-Shareable

Float Memberships

$55 / $60 / $70Weekly / Fornightly / Monthly
  • Billed every 4 weeks
  • Unused credits rolled over & expire 3 months after subscription is cancelled
  • Minimum subscription 3 months